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Conceptualizing Security In A 6G World

While 5G is setting the stage for low transmission latency, reliability, high data rates, and capacity for massive connectivity, the various concepts still need to be offset against each other (e.g., reliability versus latency; high data rate versus massive capacity, etc.). 6G must improve significantly on these concepts and minimize the trade-off between them. In order to achieve this, new enabling technologies need to be devised, from developing and using new frequency bands (sub-mmWave, Terahertz, and visible light), to achieving spectrum and energy efficiency, and implementing Deep Learning (DL)-based communications. Only then can there be meaningful discussions around creating micro and macro-level networks. As with any new technologies, new threats will emerge that need to be addressed, in addition to any existing threats that will be carried over from past generation networks. The nature of these threats will depend, in large part, on any inherent vulnerabilities in the design, development, and implementation of 6G wireless communications; and on efforts to remediate existing vulnerabilities. As always with security, its successful application will depend on the due diligence of appropriate risk assessments and threat modeling.

The Vital Role Of The Global Supply Chain For 5G

Mobile Network Operators (MNOs) have already started to roll out 5G infrastructure on a large-scale basis across the world. Chinese MNOs have deployed more than 500,000 5G cell sites, while in the United States, AT&T claims 5G network availability nationwide.

Trends In Supporting And Scaling Modern Automation

This report bases its analysis on interviews conducted with business leaders providing modern automation, robotics, and Artificial Intelligence (AI) solutions.

LoRaWAN® and Multi-RAN Architecture Connecting the Next Billion IoT Devices

The report provides a world market forecast for cellular and non-cellular LPWA connections, including 5G NR, LoRa®, LTE-M, NB-IoT, and Sigfox.

Key Takeaways from CES 2021

While CES typically ushers in the New Year for the technology world, this year’s conference was a little different. As with most other live events, CES 2021 shifted to an all-digital experience as a result of COVID-19.

28 Technology Companies to Watch in 2021

ABI Research analysts around the globe are constantly collecting data and information from providers, partners, and end users. We routinely publish Competitive Ranking reports, which offer comprehensive insight into different markets, assessing companies’ implementation and innovation strategies. Based on these findings, we’ve summarized the results of our most recent Competitive Rankings.

How Wi-Fi 6 Is Driving The Next Wave Of Wireless Innovation

Wi-Fi technology continues to evolve with new standards, such as Wi-Fi 6, Wi-Fi 6E, and Wi-Fi 7, expected to dominate the Wi-Fi market landscape over the next few years. These technologies will enable Wi-Fi to improve performance within existing use cases and open up many new opportunities within a variety of consumer, automotive, industrial, and other Internet of Things (IoT) applications.

Maximizing The Next Generation of IoT Connectivity

This whitepaper identifies the top advanced connectivity options that will make up the majority of connections in the IoT moving forward. It assesses the key challenges faced by enterprises seeking advanced connectivity technologies and how service provider choice can maximize these benefits. It concludes with the benefits that advanced connectivity and provider choice brings to the enterprise sector.

68 Technology Trends that Will Shape 2021

The team of analysts at ABI Research has made 68 technology predictions of events that will and will not happen in 2021. These predictions are informed by the many hundreds of in-person interviews we conduct every year, the millions of original data points we produce, and the collegiate approach to research that allows our analysts to collaborate beyond static silos and see trends early in the gray margins where market boundaries rub against each other and cause friction.

An Analysis Of AI Ethics And Governance

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is humanity’s new frontier. Often viewed as the next wave of human evolution, AI has now officially taken center stage after enduring years of policy, technological, and investment setbacks that led to multiple AI winters.